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November 10, 2011

Where Is Shane? or Where Shane Is.

Right now, I am literally in my office at Georgia Perimeter College's Newton Campus.  I've just finished a stack of (better but still not great) Learning Support essays.  I could get a head start on research paper grading for my 1101s, but I think they can wait. 

I've had some ideas clawing at my insides, trying to get me to commit them to paper, and I will be sure to do that soon--maybe after I finish this. 

I'm in north-ish Georgia now.  A cold front is moving in, and I just shaved my head for the first time.  The hair loss was (and had been for a while) approaching comb-over status, and I vowed I would never let it come to that.  So I had a shot of bourbon and buzzed it all off.  It's kind of nice...and still a little terrifying. 

I'm at the bottom of a zero calorie Monster energy drink.  I'm in the latter half of my big chunk of Thursday office hours.  I am one hour from teaching my last class of the week.  Then I'll be at the weekend. 

Like Karen, I'm all over the interwebs.  I on Twitter (@nomadshane), I'm on Worpress (, and of course I'm here and still in some other places. 

I adopted the NomadShane moniker this summer when I was bouncing back and forth between Albany and Valdosta, Albany and Covington (prepping for the move), and my townhouse in Albany and literally anywhere else with a sofa.  Sour break-ups can force you out of your homeland and into the wilderness and turn you into a hunter-gatherer.  I thought of ditching the adjective, nomad, recently, but someone pointed out to me that I have always been, and I think I always will be, a social nomad.  Even if I am physically located in this place for a while, I have revolted against solid and clear circles of friends, and I've opted, instead, for loose and malleable groups of acquaintances.  I have close friends, but they are fairly nomadic, too.  I rebel against borders and selecting who to hang out with, at least.  I am a social drifter.

I'm going to crack open my journal now and try to get these ideas out.


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