Blackwater Writing Project

November 09, 2011

Where in the world am I?

I am everywhere. I bounce all over the place in my mind, yet my body slugglisly goes forward. My mind flies all over with the words of various authors: Wordsworth, Plath, Roethke, Speinback, Nobokov, and Walker spiraling me into deep pondering. Thoughts of Thanksgiving, family, friends, and change keep me somewhat connected with the actions of my present life, but I am finding I like getting lost in the ideas and writings of others who have finished with this challenging journey. Constant motion. Propelling forward. Never still, yet I must be still to keep sane as life whirls around me. Deadlines, final papers, grading, moving, changing, glorious life.


  • I like the notion of flying over the words of others, briefly dipping into other worlds, sometimes coming up disoriented and bemused. I also like diving deeply into those other words and worlds, losing myself in thoughts, valuing the slow incremental plodding progress.

    By Blogger Donna Sewell, at 1:03 PM  

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