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February 16, 2011

Permission Slips

Ah, the power of permission slips, of creating a form that allows someone to do something . . . it's just too much power for me. I don't like permission slips, even though I understand their necessity. I certainly want some people to ask permission now before they do certain things like offer the boys ice cream or sweetened tea--always a concern at big family gatherings. We walk in the door, someone says, "The twins are here," and then we don't see them again except when someone comes to complain that another family member won't share. Seriously, that happened Thanksgiving and Christmas. We became referees.

Okay, back to permission . . . I have to ask permission, well, not really ask permission as much as negotiate now with Wes. We have to plan things I used to take for granted, such as going to dinner with job candidates. So far, I've attended every dinner I wanted, but it means Wes has to leave work early, and sometimes that's a struggle. We have to negotiate weekend plans. I've already worked out babysitting for the May PreInstitute and leadership meeting. Yeah, I'm a little bit of a planner and worrier--maybe just nerd is the better description. Still, I like to know things are taken care of. I will not be the person who shows up to a professional meeting with two babies in tow--one would be okay, but not two. No one would get anything done. And I wouldn't blame them because let's face it, my boys are adorable. Who can concentrate with such cuteness around?

Hmm, I just can't stay on topic, but still I'm glad I'm writing, even if it is the day after Write Week was supposed to end. Sitting at my computer, typing away, makes me feel re-connected to you, to my teacher friends whom I don't see that often. I just catch glimpses of you on Facebook, maybe in a picture, but more likely in a status update or when you like a musician or news article. It's like catching a ghostly image, but it's better than nothing.

See you soon--here or on Facebook or via email or maybe through reading your updates in the newsletter.


  • It's sort of like Sweet Home Alabama--OMG, look at have a a bar. I know the feeling of juggling and permission/negotiation all too well. Even now, as I'm faced with 2 dads in my daughter's life, I negotiate necessary weekend adjustments with one (um, nerd that I emailed/texted/talked in person AND followed up with a phone call about CCCC in April since it's my scheduled weekend??) and I address "I'm going to the store...all by myself" with the other.

    And when they're older, they can come play, too. C still talks about going to that conference with me...remember that??

    By Blogger JenniferP, at 3:51 PM  

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